Isabel Iacona (b. Buenos Aires, 1955) is an Argentine artist known for her detailed paintings of enlarged flowers and pop portraits of people and pets which she paints during off flower seasons. She has commissioned works in Europe and The Americas, residing in numerous countries where her work blossomed to local botany.
During her childhood, her father´s work for a shipping company had the family moving from one location to another, even to different countries. That movement became intrinsic to her and later shaped her easiness to become a citizen of many lands on her own right. Moving from one place to the other, she feels, is part of her work and life. Like a flower cycle, she plants herself in a new place, grows and blossoms and moves to another once the cycle is done.


As she did with day and night in Punta del Este at the beginning of her career, she started painting portraits during winters, when her subjects – the flowers – are not as readily available.
Her playful style shows in her portraits of people that she combines with poetry, another passion that she picked up while living in Ireland.
It did not take long until she started to get commissioned to paint pets, which she has done as much as portraits.